4DZ “Krutitcy” (некоммерческое партнёрство (ассоциация) по развитию авиа-моторного спорта «Звезда») is USPA Foreign Affiliate drop zone situated in Russia. A windtunnel (the diameter of the flight zone is 9 feet/2.5 meters), hotel and café are based on its territory.

SkydivingAdventure  is not only an opportunity to get skydiving and get a USPA certificate , but also your trip unforgettable. You can try flying in windtunnel, flying in a jet fighter (aerobatic plane) and hot air balloon skydiving. 


Aerodrome reference point (geographic coordinates):


Price season 2024/ Special offer for groups / 




1 slot = 2900₽


Summertime packages:

5 jumps - 13.500₽

10 jumps - 26.000₽

100 jumps - 250.000₽


Tandem parachute jump = 18.000₽ 


AFF Program cost 120.000₽ for the full course.  It includes 30 minutes of coached flight time in the wind tunnel. Special offer for group. 


Get your first USPA A-licence!.


Wind Tunnel


1 hour 

Prime time – 13.000₽ 

Day – 11.000₽ 

Night – 9,000₽  

Coach - 7000₽ per hour

In order to obtain one free extra hour, you should pay for 10 hours at once.




From 1300₽ (~15$)​


We accept Visa, MasterCard and Only Russian rubles for payment.


Visa Support | krutitcy@gmail.com 


NOTE: Your passport must be valid 6 month beyond planned departure from Russia.

Documents and information required for the preparation of invitation: 


1. Scanned copy of your passport.

2. Name of the state of permanent residence (registration), city.

3. Place of birth (country, city). 

4. Place of work (name, position, address). 

5. Contact phone number. 

6. Country and city of obtaining a visa. 

7. Citizenship.



Season 2021! See you soon 2022

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions 24/7. Peace, Love and Freeflying to all of you


391510, Рязанская облсть, Шиловский район, с. Сасыкино Некоммерческое партнерство (ассоциация) по развитию авиа-моторного спорта  "Звезда"